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W.I.S.H. Indian Girl Group; Proven Story of an Indian Pop Music

W.I.S.H. Indian Girl Group J-pop and K-pop have been ruling the music world for a long time now. But is I-Pop ready to make a splash on the global music scene?

This is the w.i.s.h. Indian girl group World In Ka Stage Hai (W.i.S.H).

W.i.s.h. Indian girl group Rhea Duggal (Rea), Zoe Siddharth (Zoo), Simran Duggal (Sim), and Suchita Sharke (Soochi) are said to be the first mainstream girl group to emerge in India in the last 20 years.W.I.S.H. Indian Girl Group

India has a long history of female singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Shreya Ghoshal. The Nooran sisters have also been a successful duo in music. However, girl bands in India have not received much recognition in the past.
Zhou said his group w.i.s.h. Indian Girl Group wanted to change that perception. One of the objectives of ONK Group is to move forward by spreading the positive message of women’s empowerment.

She describes her debut song Lazeed as a song that ‘encourages the modern woman and self-love’.

“We want to see each other grow not only as artists but as people,” says Zoe. w.i.s.h. Indian Girl Group are all on this journey together, and I’m so grateful for that.’

W.I.S.H. Indian Girl Group

Diljit Dosanjh is the latest example of the global popularity of Indian singers. Not only has he performed at Coachella, but he has also performed with famous singers like Sia and Ed Sheeran.

Zhou is confident that his group will succeed in introducing i-pop internationally.

The w.i.s.h. Indian Girl Group was created by music producer Mickey McCleary under Sony Music Entertainment. Rei was the first member to be inducted into the group. He is very happy with the feedback he is getting from the fans.

It wasn’t even a day after our song was released that dozens of our fan pages were created. And then we realized how much the whole of India wanted it and how much it was waiting.

She says how great it would be if young girls saw us and decided to become pop stars. You can do whatever you want. The world is your stage.

“We have to set a new standard now, there are a lot of expectations for that.”

The group is studying popular western girl bands like the Spice Girls and Little Mix. Like these famous bands, Sim’s group also wants to embrace the individuality of its members.

“Zoe is very cute and cuddly, I’m feisty, and Soochi is very mischievous,” says Sim. Whereas Rey is like a boss, a leader and a mama bear.

W.I.S.H. Indian Girl Group

All of them need to have a sisterly relationship especially when Sim and Suchi are sisters.
Suchi says that she is happy that her sister is with her in this work.

He has already started thinking about which singers he will work with in the future.

Suu Kyi thinks the best band to work with would be BTS.

We love BTS. We are four girls, and he is four boys, I think we can make a great song together.’

Suchi says that right now, her band feels like a living dream.

She says that for the past two years, she has been working hard to make the group a success and now she is enjoying her life to the fullest.

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