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Iran President Ibrahim Raisi helicopter crash; Weather Hinders Search Helicopter

Search continues for Iran president helicopter, bad weather hampers access to crash site.

After the helicopter crash in Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province, the search process for the country’s Iran President Ibrahim Raisi.

Foreign Minister and other high-ranking officials is going on, but due to heavy fog, rescue workers have not been able to reach the accident site yet. Iran’s Supreme Leader.

iran president
iran president helicopter

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has appealed to the people to pray for the safety of the Iran President and other officials.

Iran’s state media is using the term hard landing to describe the crash of Iran President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter.

This term is often used by Russian authorities for air accidents. This term is generally used by the Russian military when military aircraft are involved in such accidents.

For example, in 2022, an Il-76 military cargo plane crashed in Ryazan region of Russia and five soldiers on board were also killed.

Although the plane was almost completely destroyed, Russian officials initially used the term hard landing for the accident.

Analysts say Russian officials don’t use the word “crash” because it creates more panic.

Using such terms is called ‘neo-speak’ i.e. using vague words. An example of this is that an ‘explosion’ is called a ‘bang’ and the death of a soldier is described as ‘disappearance’ from a military unit i.e. about which no information is available.
Iran President Ebrahim Raisi can be seen in this photo before boarding a helicopter, according to Iran’s semi-official MEHR news agency.

iran president

However, it is not yet clear whether the photo is from before or after the opening of the dam on the Iran-Azerbaijan border.
Due to bad weather, the rescue teams could not reach the desired location yet: Iranian Interior Minister
Several hours have passed since the helicopter crash of the Iran President, Ebrahim Raisi, but due to bad weather, rescue workers have not been able to reach the accident site.

Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi has said that due to heavy fog, the aid workers could not reach the desired location yet.

Ahmed Wahidi said about the latest status of the search operation: ‘The area is forested and it is difficult to see ahead due to heavy fog, but the forces are still in the area and we hope to reach the desired location. will go.’

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