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How to stop hedonic eating? Hedonic Meaning and Its Effects on the Body

How to stop hedonic eating?

How to stop hedonic eating? Has it ever happened to you that you feel like you ate something and even though you enjoyed it to your heart and you are full, you are still going to eat it?

How to stop hedonic eating?

If so, you may have developed an eating habit that experts call ‘hedonic’.

Scientists explain this by saying that what happens in this is that we don’t eat because of hunger, but we go ahead and eat anything because that food makes us feel happy.

Hedonic is a Greek word meaning pleasure. The Greek giant Hedon is called the goddess of happiness in Malayalam stories.
Although every food we eat gives us a sense of pleasure and happiness to some extent. The term binge eating is commonly used in societies where food is easy to obtain, where people are less hungry and tend to eat and drink unnecessarily.

What is ‘hedonic hunger and How do stop hedonic eating?

Our body works through the calories we get from the food we eat or drink. When we burn or use more calories than we take in, then our body feels more hungry.

This happens because our stomach has a hormonal system that tells our brain that the stomach is empty. This is commonly referred to as physical hunger or the feeling of hunger in the body.

How to stop hedonic eating?

James Stubbs is a professor at the University of Leeds, UK. They say that all of us are prone to hedonic eating habits and that everyone has certain behaviours for some purpose.

Food brings more joy to some people than to others.

Professor Stubbs says that apart from pleasure, our eating habits are linked to various other reasons. These include our emotions, such as avoiding anxiety or anxious situations.

Because of this, It becomes difficult for the body to differentiate between a real need for food and a feeling of hunger despite the need for food being satisfied.
Not much. Just when people want to eat something without hunger, they like to eat green leafy vegetables as a salad.

How to stop hedonic eating?

How to stop hedonic eating, Dr Bethan, a lecturer at the University of Liverpool and associated with a group that researches hunger and obesity, says: ‘We naturally seek out foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar because they are perceived as good. ‘

They say we gravitate toward these types of foods because of the energy and pleasure they provide, and when we’re eating them, it can be difficult to distinguish whether a food is causing hunger in the body.

They are eating because of the feeling or they are eating only because of the feeling of happiness and joy.
Risk of obesity and how to stop hedonic eating?

How to stop hedonic eating?
The widespread presence of foods high in fat, salt and sugar is seen as one of the factors contributing to hedonic eating and here is big question for all us how to stop hedonic eating.

And then to eat unhealthy foods, thus the craving for food without hunger is linked to obesity.

How to stop hedonic eating?

Professor Stubbs says that there is now an abundance of food around us that can be found at its best, easily and ready-made. In modern societies, they lead to weight gain and obesity. “It’s no wonder that one in eight people on Earth today is obese,”.

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