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What is Generative AI? An interesting but ‘scary’ form of artificial intelligence

In the era of modern technology, where artificial intelligence (AI) is talked about, its increasing development is also worrying some people, but despite all the concerns.

artificial intelligence

People around the world are not investing billions of dollars in artificial intelligence. Don’t hesitate. This is why Sam Altman, CEO and co-founder of OpenAI, has said that he is not concerned about the cost of developing generative AI.

Sam Altman is among those who have played an important role in bringing artificial intelligence to the public. After the invention of computers and then the Internet, artificial intelligence is considered the third greatest human advancement in the field of technology.

artificial intelligence

Sam Altman was giving a special lecture for emerging entrepreneurs at Stanford University he founded ‘Open AI’ as a non-profit organization in 2015. 

However, OpenAI now says that the cost of technological development cannot be covered by non-profit sources.

As one of the founders of this technology, what he has to say is quite significant. It shows how talented and powerful his future types will be.

During his talk, he said that ‘no matter how much investment is made in artificial intelligence, it is less compared to the benefits that the society will get due to it.

What is Generative AI, This type of new artificial intelligence

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new pure content. This content can be in any form of text, images, video, sound or software at the user’s request.

artificial intelligence

Generative AI relies on highly sophisticated deep learning models of machine learning. Deep learning mimics the human brain in learning and decision-making.

This model identifies desired patterns from vast amounts of data, understands them, and then uses its understanding to create new and useful content based on specific user instructions.

Earlier, to give any instructions to the computer one had to master different types of computing languages like C++, Java, Python etc. Now you can ask the AI to write code in normal spoken language.

Most generative artificial intelligence has three stages

1. Training

In which a base model is built

2. Tuning

A basic model that is adjusted to serve a particular purpose Creation,

3. Evaluation and feedback

In this phase, AI-generated content is continuously evaluated and continuously improved for quality and accuracy.

Just as the human learning process never stops, artificial intelligence also has no limit to learning as mentioned earlier, generative AI is capable of creating many types of original content.

Let’s see some examples.


Instructions, product promotions, advertisements, emails, website content, articles, blogs, research papers, and even creative writing like poetry. It can provide a summary of a large document. Can tell it in points. Thus it gives the writer more time to do more creative work.

Images and Videos

Image generation engines like Dill-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion can generate any image and video you want. You can tell a scene by asking it to be painted by a particular artist or in a particular style. You can edit the pre-made video as you want.

Voice and Music

Generative models can combine natural sounds and audio content to speak. can read the book. It can produce completely original music for musicians, just like a master composer’s tune.

Software Code 

A computer can create code. After which the software developers can quickly remove the errors and produce any software in working condition. To do this, they don’t need to give instructions in computer language but can tell the AI model in human language what code to write and what it will be used for.

Design and Art

Generative AI can create unique artistic designs for designers. Creating environments and characters for video games etc.

Illusion and Artificial Data

Generative AI models can be trained to generate artificial data and structures based on real data. For example, to develop a new drug, what should its chemical structure be?

The Potential and Threats of Artificial Intelligence

However, as Sam Altman said in response to a question, it should not be considered as good as any other technology. He said that like any other technology, it can also be misused. For example, ‘You can do great things with a hammer, but you can also kill people with the same hammer.’

Generative artificial intelligence is helping scientists find solutions to many unsolved scientific puzzles. Cases of its misuse are receiving far more attention than that It is being used to create fake videos, most of which are pornographic.

Fake videos of politicians and heads of state are being made. It is being used for forgery, automated cyber-attacks, and fraud.

General Artificial Intelligence vs Generative Artificial Intelligence

In recent times, artificial intelligence has taken everyone by surprise. Not long ago, when people talked about artificial intelligence, they meant artificial intelligence that could learn.

It can understand the data provided, and make predictions based on it. These data were in the form of examples, sometimes several hundred thousand examples.

Simply put, artificial intelligence can be taught to look at hundreds of thousands of X-rays and then based on those, it can tell you whether a patient will have cancer or not.

Now if we talk about generative artificial intelligence, it is a step forward.

Now it doesn’t just stop at making predictions, it can even generate an X-ray based on its database to show what an X-ray of a tumour would look like.

How does artificial intelligence learn?

If you’ve used Alexa, Siri, or any other voice recognition system, you’re using AI in some form. You may have noticed how your phone categorizes your photos. It sorts photos by faces. All this is done by AI.

It looks for patterns in photos and calculates whether the photo is of a new person or what is special about the place where the photo was taken, such as a beach.

artificial intelligence

The process of machine learning is called training. It involves giving a particular type of data to a particular computer software. With this data, it is given instructions.

For example, it can be asked to find images containing faces out of millions of given images. This will tell it how to recognize the face. The software will then look for patterns in the given data.

It will show what it sees as faces. It may also need to be corrected during this time It can be said that there is no face with such patterns.

The instructions and data given to it become the AI model. This determines how effective the AI model will be.

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