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Verat Kohli Strike Rate; Gavaskar’s Criticism vs. Akram’s Defense it

While Gvaskar criticized Verat attack, Wasim Akram argued: “If you don’t care about the noise outside, why are you attacking?”Verat

He is facing social media trolling for criticizing Virat Kohli’s strike rate. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is nearing its end but former India captain and legendary Test batsman Sunil Gavaskar is at the centre of a controversy.

People are reminding Sunil Gavaskar of his innings against England in the first World Cup (1975) and criticizing him.

Gavaskar’s slowest batting performance in this match played at the ‘Mecca of Cricket’ Lord’s on June 7, 1975, when his team was set a target of 335 runs in 60 overs.

While opening, he scored only 36 runs in 174 balls without getting out in this match and the Indian team could only score 132 runs for the loss of three wickets in the allotted overs.

Thus he was bowled out by 202 runs, which for a long time was the biggest margin of victory in an ODI.

It should be noted that Sunil Gavaskar is the first to score 10,000 runs in the world of Test cricket and he broke Sir Donald Bradman’s record of most centuries.

But now he is under fire from social media users for criticizing India’s current batsman Virat Kohli and his strike rate.

Verat has been India’s top run-scorer for the past decade and has shown his talent in every format.

But his relationship with the cricket establishment in India has not been smooth over the past few years.
So before the selection of the Indian squad for the World T20 in June this year.

it seemed that they would be ignored but the Verat administration was reluctant to respond with their language along with their game. are not victims of

Anyway, what has Sunil Gavaskar said that people are criticizing him and copying some of his old records and statements?

Reply to Virat answer

In fact, on April 28, Virat team RCB secured a resounding win against Gujarat Titans and thus avoided being eliminated from the tournament on technical grounds.

In this match, Gujarat had given a target of 201 runs to the Bangalore team to win, which Verat team achieved in 16 overs. Although Will Jacques’ brilliant century was the key in this, Virat Kohli scored 70 runs off 44 balls and remained not out.
He then spoke about criticism of his game and his strike rate. He said: ‘I think all the people who talk about strike rate and say I don’t play spin very well are the people who talk about that sort of thing.

Like to do But for me it is more important for the team to win the game. And for that, you have been doing this for 15 years.’

He said: ‘You are doing this day in and day out. You win games for your team. And if you’re not in that situation yourself, sit from the box and talk about the game like that.

“People can sit down and talk about their thoughts and assumptions about the game. But those who have played for the team day in and day out know what they are doing, these are memories of hard work for me.

Verat statement was repeatedly shown on Star Sports, the channel that broadcasts the IPL. Sunil Gavaskar then criticized not only Verat but also Star Sports as he is one of the few cricket commentators who have repeatedly criticized verat for his strike rate.

Criticism of Gavaskar 

Gavaskar responded to Verat taunts by saying, ‘The commentators only questioned when his strike rate was 118.


He added: ‘Everyone talks about it. You say ‘We don’t care about outside noise’. good Then why are you responding to outside noise or whatever? We have all played a little bit of cricket, though not much.

We asked Canada-based Pakistani journalist Moinuddin Hameed about this and he said that he does not consider T20 cricket as serious cricket. In this, the game focuses only on fours and sixes.

The strike rate of players like Virat Kohli and Babar Azam is discussed but their cricket is different. They make the innings.
He further said that these two batsmen are the highest run scorers in IPL or PSL. They look at the pitch first, score only 15-20 runs in the first 15-20 balls, then increase their scoring pace later.

Babar has scored at a strike rate of around 150 in the current PS and Kohli has the same situation, but people go for entertainment, they want a strike rate of 180 and 200.

Journalist Moinuddin Hameed, who has written a book on Saleem Malik, said that ‘The strike rate of batsmen like Surya Kumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya has made a difference in Indian cricket and in such a situation Verat strike rate is less.’

Wasim Akram defended Verat

Pakistan’s renowned bowler Wasim Akram has dismissed the negative talk about Verat performance in IPL matches and termed the strike rate debate as unnecessary.


Speaking to Sports Worm on the match, he said: ‘If a batsman is scoring 100 runs at a strike rate of 150, then that is fine. If the team was winning, there would be no criticism.

When Virat was the captain, there was pressure on him. Now that he is not the captain, there is still pressure on him.

Akram added: ‘He is scoring runs in match after match. But one person cannot win every match. The whole team has to play. It is not fair to criticize him for no reason.

‘He is the role model of this generation on and off the field. Be it fitness, performance, consistency, followers, social media, they are incredible. They speak well. He is a natural born leader and match winner.’

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